Cyber Hygiene Assessment

Our Cyber Hygiene Assessment is designed to be bespoke for your organisation. Our experienced consultants will spend time understanding all elements of your current security posture; the technologies and controls which you have in place; a review of your current policy; procedure and compliance status and, most importantly, what security issues are important to you.

We then provide you with a valuable report outlining risks, issues, and recommended improvements in priority order.

This allows both staff with technical responsibilities and board members to gain oversight into the cybersecurity challenges that your organisation faces and have a clear understanding of what should be addressed and the order that is should be approached in.

Key areas included:

  1. Risk management regime
  2. Secure configuration
  3. Network security
  4. Managing user privileges
  5. User education and awareness
  6. Incident management
  7. Malware prevention
  8. Monitoring
  9. Removable media controls
  10. Home and mobile working

Micro Business
(0-9 employees)


0.5 days consultancy

Small Business
(10-49 employees)


1.5 days consultancy

Medium Business
(50-249 employees)


2 days consultancy

Large Business
(250+ employees)

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