CyberPRO® is an organisation grounded on providing accessible resources to everyone interested in cyber security, inclusive of all backgrounds, experience levels, and aspirations.

Break into the cyber industry

At CyberPRO®, we are passionate about helping people break into the cyber industry – but we know it’s not always easy. Here, you’ll find the knowledge base you need to best equip you for your cyber career.

It is tempting to dive straight into doing an advanced technical certification but to be an effective CyberPRO® you need to have a good foundational knowledge of IT, such as cloud computing, coding, and networks before you start looking into the more advanced certifications.

In addition to this, soft, business skills are extremely important and often overlooked. To be a top-tier CyberPRO® you need to have good communication skills, timekeeping, organisation, stakeholder management, influencing and negotiation and report writing skills. Arguably most importantly in this extremely fast-paced, high pressured and quickly changing environment, you need to be adaptable to change, curious and resilient.

About us

There are a number of globally recognised IT and cyber certifications including those by CompTIA. The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is a leading association providing the essential qualifications needed to break into the Cyber or Information Technology industry.

The range of CompTIA Core Skills Certifications allows for success to begin; they create a crucial foundation to be built upon as you discover what you want to specialise in. This base layer of knowledge sets you up to achieve in whichever pathway you wish to pursue, whether you’re a Pen Tester in the making or a future Cloud Engineer, the CompTIA Core certifications are the best tried and tested way of creating Cyber Professionals.

For complete newcomers to the cyber industry, we recommend completing the CompTIA UK store core skills, which include A+, ITF+, Network+ and Security+. Following those, CompTIA’s more advanced certifications are ideal for when you’re ready to specialise in a subject – providing in-depth, technical knowledge and skills in areas such as Linux, Cloud, Security Analysis, and Penetration Testing.

Another great resource for your cyber learning and development is CyBOK (The Cyber Security Body of Knowledge). CyBOK has many informative and educational articles, news pieces and advice to support your understanding of cyber security and keep your knowledge up to date.

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